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You may have noticed our tag line: We’re Team YOU. But it’s not just a marketing tool. It’s our guiding principle. Athletic + Co exists to help your team shine. Even if you compete in an individual sport, you’ll always have teammates at Athletic + Co.


Here’s the deal. We noticed that attempting to order gear and apparel from traditional screen printers is no day at the park. So, we had this crazy idea. What if we gave athletic teams and programs what they need. Things like:


* The ability to order any quantity you need – from 1 to 1000.


* Color options ranging from single color to full color for no extra charge.


* Order fulfillment in five, count ‘em five, days. That means your purchase ships five days from the time you submit your order.


* Design review by your professional A+C teammates – for free.


In fact, there are no set-up charges at all. (We were never fans of the set-up fees, so we got rid of them.)


We offer all of this so that you and your team can focus on working hard and doing your very best.